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  • Hello, I've been using construct2 for a while now, and one thing that I love about it is that I can easily contact the users and administrators at the forums and this helped me a lot many times.

    So after using the forum to ask for help so many times I decided to start helping people out, I'm no expert in contruct2 but I love helping whenever I can.

    Because of that I noticed that there are a lot of people asking for help on the forums that don't speak English that well, and many times they have to look for translations on google, and as a result they don't get that many answers once their questions cannot be clearly understood.

    So I'm thinking, is there any way to create sections on the forum based on language? Or maybe add the icon of a small flag depending on the language each user speaks, or put language as an information on the user profile? Because I really would like to help them out. I don't know.

    What you guys think?

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