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  • Hello!

    I am subscribed to "new tutorials" email notifications, and I find it would be awesome to know the subject of the tutorial without having to check each and every email.

    Right now, each email contains two informations only: name of the author, and the fact that it's a tutorial, that's it. And all the title real estate is wasted by the same default text that is not helpful to the reader, particularly if you have a lot of emails to check.

    Here's how it looks like:

    So if possible, please replace all the default text by hints to the actual subject of the new tutorials. Thanks in advance!


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  • I think rss feed is better for such notifications. It appears the newest tutorials link does not have any associated rss/atom feed.

    There are some online services that let you create a custom feed based on a URL and some hints given by you. Once rss feed is created, it should also be possible to send feed updates to email.

  • conmanish thank you for your suggestion

    Honestly I never played with RSS feeds, I wouldn't mind learning and practicing, but it's just that i'm so busy with more art-oriented types of work. Besides, it would be easier and way more practical to all users if this gets modified at the source, i.e by the webmaster, or whoever is managing this emailing system, unless there's a need to keep this thing on purpose so that people don't feel they can spam easier with it (with misleading email titles etc,) but that wouldn't be a real problem compared to the benefits

    Thanks again for your suggestion!

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