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  • Would it be worth having a sub-forum dedicated to those that are already well versed in C2 and/or game development and/or programming? Perusing the forums, I've seen that questions from advanced users tend to get drowned out by much more basic questions.

    This lowers the visibility of 'tough' questions considerably, dampening the potential for several deep, intricate discussions on C2, which would help us all learn, invent and discover new C2 programming techniques.

    An 'Advanced Users' sub-forum might also provide some of these benefits:

    1. More targeted questions and answers. Advanced users would get more thoughtful answers from people who truly understand their questions. Advanced users could also phrase their questions in more technical terms without the fear of scaring people away, using terms like 'scope', 'type casting', etc that those with a programming background might connect to and those with deep C2 knowledge would be able to learn and apply towards an understanding of traditional programming.

    2. Those coming from a traditional programming background could better learn to grasp the C2 paradigm by asking questions from a programming standpoint. I've found that programmers new to C2, for example, will notice the 'For Each' condition and have a tendency to use it to go through each instance even when they don't need to (For Each 'Enemy' rather than simply 'Enemy' collides with 'Bullet'). It can ease the transition into the C2 world and help them see how simple things can be and how deep they can go.

    One might argue that someone from a programming background isn't necessarily an advanced user of C2. True, but this forum would still be the place for them. The beauty of C2 is that if someone is an advanced user, they automatically have at least a rudimentary understanding of fundamental programming concepts, so they can help people that are asking questions from that end of the spectrum.

    All in all, I think it could help the growth of the C2 community and help us all learn new things. What do you think?

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  • To a certain extent I think this discussion is related, and I'll stand on my point that moderation would be adding more job I can't/don't want to take on at the moment.

    Anyway, I think we (the staff) should see what we could do about those requests.

    To come back on the point you make about "advanced users" already familiar with programming concepts, I always felt that it lead them to a certain laziness of not checking the tutorials/manual articles/already posted forum topics (older than 6 month accessible through advanced search) like beginners will/should do. The fact of being familiar with programming notion should only make this checking/understanding of C2 faster.

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