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  • Make 3 sub categories: self promotion, Help Wanted(other), and Help Wanted(C2).

    Help Wanted(C2): Help Wanted ads for projects using C2 only. The thread starter must own at least a personal license. The ad require the following information before it can be posted: paid or unpaid, pay methods, Steam Greenlight? KickStarter? The thread's topic will show whether the topic starter has a personal or a business license. All replies must have a minimum of 15 words (prevents bump spam)

    Bumping topics: personal license users will have 8 times each month to bump their topics without being a reply. Business License users will have 26 times a month to bump their topics without being a reply.

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  • I think you should just combine Help Wanted (other) and Help Wanted (c2) and just make a separate subforum for Portfolios (don't call it 'self promotion' imo).

  • what problem does this solve?

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