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  • Hi,


    I'm getting timeouts when trying to upload larger files to your store.

    I tried to move some of my assets to your store today, but I ran into some trouble:

    The pack I wanted to publish is a somewhat large file (60+ mb). I can only upload about 50% of it before it times out.

    I'm using Chrome, and I have http.request.timeout and other related options set to well over 10mins. Before changing these settings I got a timeout error. After I made these changes the upload repeatedly restarts at 0% every 2 mins or so. Pretty sure it's not my connection - it's the first time I ran into timeouts trying to upload stuff. Then again I might be wrong

    In the end I used the web URL option and sent the file via Dropbox, so well done with that one. But still uploading shouldn't be a problem in the first place At least if the page claims files up to 500mb should be just fine.

    Hope you can take a look at this. Other than that - cool site you have here

  • *Bump* Same thing half a year later. I know it's not a big issue since the Web URL option saves the day, but you guys could handle the error in a graceful manner or add an appropriate suggestion like 'use Web URL if the file is above 10mb' or somesuch.

  • I face the same issue. Ive a zip file with 135 MB and tried like 5 times now to upload without success. Would be nice if that gets fixed.

    Follow this

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  • Moonstar: This topic is about a year old.

    Generally this kind of issue is due to a bad connexion on the uploader part.

    You can try to upload via url by clicking the link "Enter a url to the file instead" instead of trying to upload your file directly to the server from your disk.

    "handle the error in a graceful manner"; a sever timeout is a server timeout.

    Apart from a message asking to get a better connexion (is it really graceful ?) I'm not sure what else could be done.

  • Indeed I highly recommend Dropbox or a file sharing site with a longer upload time limit. Grab the URL and everything works like a charm. Haven't done this in a while but I do remember it took me a second to find the upload via URL option. I'm usually slow with these things mind you.

    Kyatric: Anything other than a blank error page is good How about go the extra mile and make the error page go into detail about what's going on:

    "Our upload time limit is set to 2minutes maximum. If your connection isn't fast enough for this then no problem - click HERE to use our handy "upload via URL" option! You can use file sharing sites or Dropbox to generate a link and use it to upload content. Great!"

    Quite informative and prevents topics like this

    Thanks for the reply and have a good day!

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