When does my store item stop being in a bundle/sale???

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  • I want to remove some items from the store, but I can't because they're always in a sale/bundle.

    When can I remove them???

  • Feels like my store items are being held hostage.. There's no time specified on the bundles as to when they finish. Also when I change the items so that they can't be bundled, it remains bundled..

    Why no explanation?

  • Another week has gone by with my store items held hostage.

    They're stuck in bundles that were created in 2014, and I can't remove the items because someone has those bundles active.

    Why are my store items held hostage?

  • Have you emailed so Tom can check it for you?

  • Why have this forum section if Scirra doesn't use it?

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  • You may have heard of a little something called Construct 3.

    Curiously it is kind of taking all Scirra's time lately.

    So they focus on specific parts of the forums, when they can.

    Store issues are treated quicker when dealt via mail to the support.

    Otherwise, have you checked in your seller account in the "Promotional settings" of your item ?

    Can you modify the availability in bundle there ?

    [Edit]Oh I see, sounds like this is the issue. Yes, send a mail, this is strange and could be checked quicker this way.

    Even clicking the "Remove from sale" button does not work ?[/edit]

  • The remove from sale button does not show because the items are in bundles that have been created by someone else back in 2014. Those bundles are still active and until they become inactive I can't remove those items from sale.

    I will send an email.

  • So, almost a week later after emailing, they managed to remove one bundle, allowing me to remove one of my items from sale. They somehow couldn't understand that I needed two bundles removed. So I am still waiting for the second bundle to be removed. They also thought that the bundles were created by me, which they weren't- wanted me to remove the bundles myself.

    edit: it is now solved.

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