What the SPAM is going on right now?

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  • I reported all the spam I could. I don't want to be a Mod but if possible can I have or any other long time member have power to move them to another invisible part of the forum where Moderators can review and delete them. Its gotten really bad lately someone must have made smarter bots.


    Also is there a way to script the forum so if someone repeats post it will not show, it will be shadow banned so that only that user or bot can see it but not the rest of us? Or just blocked?

  • Spam waves are obvious and don't really need reporting, and are dealt with as soon as a mod logs in. This is obviously dependent upon time zones.

    Reporting of the unusal posts is much harder to find and reports are most welcome for these.

  • zenox98 - How about disabling the registration of account on Scirra for today or until the problem is resolved? With this, spammers will eventually get tired of waiting.

  • not an option unfortunately. Registration required to redeem purchases etc.

  • Tom - I see. Anyway, the site seems to be looking fine now.

  • I think a lot of it is actually done by paid humans who can circumvent any restrictions we put in place. So unfortunately we have to just clean it up sometimes.

  • I think a lot of it is actually done by paid humans who can circumvent any restrictions we put in place. So unfortunately we have to just clean it up sometimes.

    No problem is there a way to give a few users the power to put spam it in a hidden section where moderators can delete it? There are times where spam goes on for a long while and if new people come here and see this, they will think Construct2 is amateur hour and leave.

  • This forum needs Facepunch-level efficiency for dealing with spammers. The best solution would be more moderators in more timezones. Another thing you could try is some sort of community moderation, where if a post is reported enough times by users with C2 licenses, it will be hidden until proper moderator action can be taken. Or, if a large number of reports occur in a short timespan, send out text messages to all moderators.

  • It's getting better....slowly. Took me less than 5 minutes to clean the spam waves out this morning whereas it was taking up to 2 hours.

    The system needs to be constantly tuned to minimise such attacks and that takes a little while, but I think we're getting there.

  • Is this really only Spam or is this an attack against Scirra and the forum? I can't really see a reason to put Korean-Spam in an englisch speaking forum.

  • I've removed around 70ish or so "bots" in the last 32 hours.

    This afternoon alone there were about 10 newly registered spam accounts within a 30 minute window of time.

    Will just have to stay on top of it until they give up or run out of IP addresses xD


  • Spam waves, as they happen in cycles. Every 6 months give or take, there are such waves.

    Users are bothered for a few days, and forgot they ever happened, and 6 or more months later, surprised users discover that Scirra forums do tend to be the target of spam waves of bots.

    Meanwhile, we take care of all the bots, whether the users of the forums notice it or not.

  • Yes its very odd since I don't see that type of behavoir in other game forums at least not as bad. WHo knows who it could be my best guess is that gdevelop guy but thats just a guess. Who know why these idiot's do that.

  • They're being aggressive again today... *gets the nuke mop*


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  • I also noticed that. They don't seem to end.

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