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  • I'm trying to download the latest update and it's downloading at 30kb/s, even using an download acelerator.. everything else is fast here, I have a 100mb/s line.

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  • Hi Telle,

    Sounds highly likely to be a problem with your local connectivity or something inbetween the server and your connection. There's really not much we can do.

    I suggest waiting a week or two, and let us know if the problem persists and we can possibly look into it further. (Sorry I can't be of more help)


  • Now, I'm at my job, here we have 1gb/s line, and it keep downloading at 30kb/s. Every other downloads tested took the maximum possible, average 40mb/s real speed (I think it's because of the HD). The last time I downloaded one update here with success, it was very fast, like 1 or 2 seconds of downloading.

    Did you setup maximum quotas for download speed?

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  • Hi, new user here.

    I want to confirm that I have the same slow download speed issues as TELLES0808 is experiencing.

    Downloading construct2 r84 took me 20 minutes at 20-30 K/sec yesterday.

    Today I downloaded r86 and again it was painfully slow.

    Just to check my own connection, I SSHed into my online webserver, got the file directly from scirra and then downloaded from my webserver to my PC at my full connection speed.

    So as far as I can tell, the slow speed is related to scirra server and not my own connection.

    Maybe you aren't allowing multiple http connections or something?

  • TELLES0808, WASD - what countries are you in? I'm in the UK and I just checked now and could download at a megabyte a second or more. I think our server is in the US (@Tom?) so this suggests its not necessarily our server, but could be some routers/congestion between you and our server. Not much we can do about that.

  • I'm from Brazil, my friend is from Argentina and he is having the same issue, another one on Japan is downloading with good speed, but the Australian isn't.

    If I use the download accelerator, or anything else to speed up the connection, the download keep the same speed with more connections, so, I believe something is restricting the speed, maybe a script from arcade, to maintain the site and the server throttling always low.

    My main site is located on Texas, I have a slot there, and my route from there is very fast, like the route of my another sites located on Massachusetts.

    But I stop here, because I'm not an expert in this issue and I can't help much more than this descriptions and tests (made by my friends).

    We can host the files on mirror servers too? like dropbox (posted on topics, for example).

  • I'll forward this to our host, and let you all know what they say. Please don't mirror Construct 2 - we'd rather keep it on our site. We can look into other distribution options such as a torrent perhaps if there is enough interest.

  • I am in Greece.

    But note that I have an online server in the US and I download from it at full speed so it shouldn't be something on my side.

    And as TELLES0808 said using a download accelerator does not increase the down speeds as if more connections could not be made to scirra server.

    I think torrenting could be a great way to distribute new builds but I don't know how worried you are about pirating.

  • Can someone just upload the latest build in a mirror please, it took me 18 minutes to download =


  • Im in Brazil (south) and I too have a reaaly slow downlaod. Its not really a big problem, I just have to wait about 10 minutes to download.

    A torrent seems like a really good idea. You can keep a server seeding the latest stable and the latest beta. It will probably even decrease the total server workload.

  • Can someone just upload the latest build in a mirror please, it took me 18 minutes to download =

    Thanks.I'm from Brazil too but im downloading at a fine speed.. I have 20mb conection, isn't at full speed ( dl at 500kb/s) though.

    but took less than 2min to dl.

  • I suggest waiting a week or two, and let us know if the problem persists and we can possibly look into it further.


    I have also been having slow download speeds since about the time this thread started. It took me about 40 min to download r88 the other day. (would usually take about 5 seconds)

    I have a 10Mb connection, live in Norway.


  • Argentinean here and i got the same issue.

  • Everyone having the issue, could you please go to start > cmd, then type in:


    And then you should get an output like:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]

    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


    Tracing route to []

    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms my.router []

    2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms Vigor.router []

    3    68 ms    19 ms    19 ms

    Which I'll need to see if you could copy and paste here!

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