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  • This is kind of complicated, so I start from the beginning...

    I went to Scirra's webshop (not Steam), bought Construct 2 and paid with paypal. The site said that after that, I should've been redirected to the next page for downloads. That didn't happen. Instead, after I paid with paypal, it redirected me to PayPal's account page. There was no way going back to the webshop, so I went there manually, only to see Construct 2 was still in my shopping cart. I got a receipt from Paypal, so at least funds were withdrawn; but I didn't get any redeem code (I e-mailed support about that).

    I'm thinking the problem here is that I wasn't logged in (or even registered) when purchasing. I also entered wrong password for my paypal account when I bought the product first time around.

  • Check the spam/junk folder for the email address you entered when buying the license (if you weren't logged in/registered at that time, you were supposed to enter one).

    Otherwise be sure to send a mail at support [at] scirra [dot] com sending the paypal transaction ID.

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  • Thanks, I did all that. I entered my e-mail and it read on the website that this is the address they send the redeem code. All checked out, but I never got the e-mail and there was nothing on my spam folder.

    I have gotten other e-mails from Scirra and they have arrived fine.

    My ISP uses SpamAssassin from their end, so it could be that it has deleted the e-mail before delivering it to me, but in my opinion that's unlikely. My humble opinion is that it's all because the check-out process didn't go all the way through. But I guess we'll see sometime next week when Scirra is available.

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