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  • Hi, everytime I post a new topic, edit our post a reply, the forum sends me an waning saying my session has expired. Usually, reloading the page corrects the issue.


  • Yup, been seeing this all day. By the time I finish writing a reply, my session has expired.

  • I've been getting the same thing for a while now whenever I try to make a post on my ipad (sometimes it tells me that I don't have permission). What I've taken to doing is copying the text from my post before I hit send, then when I'm faced with a warning message I refresh the page, and paste my text and send again. It always works the second time.

  • I have been wondering if everyone else was having this issue.It seems like when i go to make a post it always expires.Like Dave said i have found out that copy and paste is your best buddy here if your lurking the forums.It even happens to me when im writing PMs.

    Hope to see a fix soon but if not,Just copy,refresh and paste.

  • Yea its annoying as hell. Happens to me very time i try to post something

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  • Ditto. Kinda discourages me from posting at all.

  • Yep, copy&paste is the way to go for now. But to be honest, it's an improvement. Some weeks ago the session just expired without notice, no chance to copy&paste.

    But I'll also hope for a fix soon...

  • Copy and paste is now automatic for me otherwise 9/10 times my post is lost. My main complaint is it has been this way since the forum was switched over at C2's launch. I'm hoping for a fix too but my guess it's caused by some inherent flaw with the forum software that is not trivial to fix.

  • Yep, this has been happening to me for a while now.

    Very frustrating.

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