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  • Are there anyway to get some items on the store, so if i make a system that many people could use, can i then sell it on the store, or are there any other way to sell it ? ;)

  • Bump!

  • What are you trying to say? Are you trying to make a real money shop or an in-game coin shop with systems and.. many players... to sell on the store PFFFT WHAT?!

  • No, i am asking into if i make some graphic or a system in C2, can i then sell it in the store on scirra's website ? ;)

  • Djip123

    hi not sure if you could sell them in the store here; however I have seen graphics being sold under the ' help wanted' in the forums ...

    your best asking the moderators for the right answers though

  • Yea, i am just asking on the forum.

    I will just wait for a mod to answer ^^

  • Mhm, aren't there any mods that just can answer ? :o

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  • I haven't answered because I don't know the answer. Tom - I seem to recall reading something about the store that said something about this, but I don't remember what it said. Any info about if users are going to be able to sell stuff on the scirra store at some point?

  • This is from the old blog entry introducing the Scirra Store:

    o you have content you want to sell?

    We're always going to be looking out for great new additions in the Scirra Store. If you have original content that you own the full rights to and would like to see it for sale in the Scirra Store, drop me an email to

    We're interested in music, sound effects, background images, sprites... anything you can think of!

    It's important to understand that we will only stock a select few items, so please don't be too dissapointed if we don't take up an agreement with you.


  • Thanks a lot.

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