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  • If you perform a search for pngcrush and wander down to the second from the last link and click on it, you get an unexpected result.

    Click this link ...

    and you are sent to this page

    Hmm.... A point to ponder, I suppose.

  • All is working fine for me.

    Search takes me to the proper topics/posts.

    The first link you give takes me to the topic in the construct-classic forum.

    Could you be more precise about "unexpected result" ?

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  • Hello Kyatric,

    How are you? Well, I posted exactly what I did and what happened. I came to and I typed in pngcrush into the search box and viewed the links on that page and when I got to the second from the last link and clicked on it I was actually redirected to the forumsitemap2.xml page instead of being sent to the actual thread as expected.

    I tried it again just now and the same thing happened. So I guess if you were to retrace my steps exactly and go to and type pngcrush into the search box and go down the page and click on the second link from the bottom, you would obtain the same result. It happens whether I am logged in or not.

    Since I expected to arrive at the actual thread, I was surprised when I wound up at the forumsitemap2.xml page instead, thus the resulting page was unexpected.

    Hope that explains it a bit better. (Thnx for your response about the light/shadow thread, btw! Much appreciated!!)

  • Don't use the searchbox in the header, prefer using the search link in the top bar right next to "Chat!"

    Strange thing is, nevertheless, going through the forum search or the google search I can get to the topics as expected, I never end up on some xml file.

    What is your browser ? I'm using FireFox.

  • Oh I see.

    The before last link of the page indeed takes to sitemap.

    Well, it's google's search fault, not the website.

    If you let your mouse over the title you can see the url.

    Everything is correct, it is just not a research result that might really be expected.

    Gotta nag Mr google about this. Or just stick to the forum search.

  • Same here, dear... the latest version of Firefox.

    Hmm... I don't know why it doesn't happen for you, I get the same results each time I try it.

    I usually click on the search box in the upper right hand corner and then it opens another page with the large search box in the body, and that is what I use to search. I wonder if that could also be part of the reason I get so many nonworking links... You suppose that could be a contributing factor? Could be something to consider, I guess.

    I'll search as you have suggested and see how it goes, it would be great not to get so many broken links. I'll give it a go and report back if it improves my search results and minimizes the nonworking link issue.

    You do a great job as a forum moderator and you're a good teacher as well. Thanks!

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