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  • This may be picky, but "Why???" isn't there a 'Search' on the homepage of the Website? It seems to me that, that would be a no-brainer. I'm always having to redownload my stuff and I can find that, but sometimes there are things or info that I'd like to search for or something will pop into my head that I think is applicable to Construct 2 but there's no search except at various places like the forums and in the store, why not on the site in general?

    Just a thought.

  • You have placed in the wrong forum category.... It should be here:

    It's not that I disfavor your observation. It's just that the website's homepage has nothing to search to. The contents are fewer than you think.

    There is the Tutorial, Manual, Store, Arcade, Blog & Forum that is loaded with contents & has it's own google custom search engine, which is more convenient organized that way, for me.

    Btw, if you scroll down. You will see the various link of sites / site map that you'll need in exploring the website, including the Construct 2 download site & pricing.

    I hope that justifies that .

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  • Moved to website issues forum.

    Writing search engines is hard, and Google already have a pretty good one! You can limit a search to the Scirra site by adding site:scirra.com to the search, e.g.: beginner tutorial site:scirra.com

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