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  • Hey there,

    Ashley need you help!

    kinda didn't understand how things work so i messed up something with my item for sale here on store. I've created an item named "seser" to test out and try how to put something on store, and now i can't remove it because i can't find how. Says the item is waiting for approval and it's empty and i don't want it on store, was just checking out how things work before i release my property here.

    Is it possible for you to remove it in any way / delete it for me? Or give me instructions how to do it..

    EDIT: i've got a few more questions i've remembered, so i better ask here

    question no. 2: if i have a completed game with 1 huge level and i've set up everything in that game to be ready for someone to continue development on it - do i sell this game as a "game with source", or as a template? can i sell assets and game with source at the same time? or all 3 things together?

    question no. 3:

    if i make a tool in c# for C2 that would help people with some things around c2, and i set it up to sell on store, how do you licence that? i mean.. is there a way that you release a c2 code for each sell so that they can put it in the program to activate it? or do i have to program that functionality myself? (i'd have to get some information about a person that purchased the program no?) any api? how to check?

    oh, and question 4:

    can you include text files in the sell? pdf's? tutorials that are bound to the work...?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Moved to Website Issues, and note Tom runs the store and manages seller accounts, I'm not invovled with that.

  • 1) Can't delete items at the moment, as long as it's not for sale just leave it where it is

    2) "Game with source" are not designed for people to modify and distribute, they are just for people to have a look at how it was made and poke around. "Templates" would be best by the sounds of it.

    3) We can build in custom licensing systems, we've done it for a couple of tools. It does involve some manual work though, but if it's simple "make request to this URL" etc then we're generally OK to add that in to the store

    4) Sure!

  • Ashley - thanks for the info, didn't know that

    Tom - yeah they're not approved yet, that item was just to see how things work around, probably on sunday i'll set my first item on sale

    i have only one more question for you, so if i set my completed game (as a template for someone to use / and learn from it / and maybe even expand on the game and sell as their...) am i allowed to sell assets that were made in this game for that level on their own?

    (example - i've made a 1 big level game with assets and it is made so that there is a nice setup for expanding on it / using it as template for more levels and so on)

  • Sure, you're free to split your assets and sell them however you see fit. Any assets included in the template though are licensed under the template license.

  • Tom - okay, thanks for the answers i think i have all the info now. LET THE SALES BEGIN!

  • hi, me again Tom

    i'm havin' some trouble uploading to scirra store.

    i have a 144MB file (says 500mb is max), and when it gets to ~50% of upload it just busts out and says:

    404 - File or directory not found.

    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    tried the same with dropbox link as someone wrote on forums, same thing :/ are PDFs not allowed in zip? zip in zip?

    i can't get to the bottom of it...

  • never mind, managed it through the dropbox upload..

  • Tom - hey there tom, just got one more question left

    how long does it take approximately for content to be checked and verified once it's set for sale on store?

    thnx in advance

  • Hi!

    Takes anywhere from 1-48 hours depending on when you upload it.


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