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  • Hey there guys,

    after using the store for about half a year now, I thought some kind of thread is necessary as it grows and grows and, to be honest, I already made a good amount of money on it so... yeahh let´s optimize that hehe

    First of all, I love your store guys. I´m really satisified about the money policy you go for and surprisingly compared to other stores, I made the biggest amount of sales here on Scirra. One of my items got sold 45 times and even this single one earned me a pretty big steak to dig my beaver teeth into I also love the possibility to set prices ourself and to be able to make our own PriceOff-Campaigns. That´s outstanding.

    Nevertheless, as a graphic artist working for a lot of eCommerce customers, I definitely have some points, that in my eyes would increase the usability and quality of the store.

    1. Approval should be a little bit stricter. I know that a hard policy like Shutterstock is definitely a needle in the eyeball, cause it´s some kind of personal preference if something looks good, but honestly a lot of pictures are simply bad and make the whole store look worse. If I sell graphics I should at least be able to make a preview image that fits into the measurements and that isn´t stretched to the limits. A lil more quality would be great.

    2. I never bought anything on the store, but is there something to remind the customers to rate the product they purchased?

    I sold about 150-200 products and I only got one review. This is less than 1% and a terrible feedback for the sellers. A lil reminder would be great and more consumer feedback makes everything looks more trustfull and active.

    3. Talking about trust, I would definitely think about something like envatos badge system, cause a lot of things here are program-relevant and need a lot support and communication with the customers. I would be more willing to spend 30$ on a template from someone who got good reputation and already sold a good amount of stuff then on some nobody, I can´t be sure that I´ll get support from. Just think about ebays star-system for example.

    4. I discovered some bug. If your products are waiting for approval, there is no possibility to delete them. Cause of some server error, I got some duplicated items now, which are waiting for approval. I can´t delete them and they show up in every popdown menu as duplicates, so I can just guess which one is the active one....pretty annoying. Hope you got what I mean

    5. Randomly generated bundles: This is soo annoying, cause it floods the bundle site with absolutely unfitting bundles. I don´t need a spaceship combined with a platformer template. There is absolutely no need to make this, it just looks like random trash...sorry

    6. Collab bundles: Regarding to this randomly generated community bundles, it would be super great if we could collab with some other seller so make bundles that really fit together. I´m pretty sure, that this is no easy task and that there could be some people who just want to collab with everyone, but maybe this could be a feature for "trusted shops"

    7. A "Shop-in-Shop" site would be genius. I know that there is some kind of "Beaverlicious sells..." but a rate-able, modifyable seller page would be a lot more trustful and personal.

    Well yeahh that´s it for the moment I´d love to hear some more seller stories and feedback to the store. It´s already pretty good, but let´s make it great!

    Keep it beaverlicious and thanks for the possibility to sell my stuff here



  • Thank's for your points.

    I think the store style can be more organized.

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  • Yeahh definitely.

    I got another point.

    It's super stressfull that you need all these different sizes when uploading. On most of the other stores this is handled a lot less complex.

  • Hello. In shop i can see button "add to favorites". But where is the button "show my favorite shop items"? i can`t find it

  • It´s on your regular profile page!

  • Beaverlicious, thank you. that is strange.i think it have to be somewhere in shop pages.are you agree with me?

  • it should, but i definatly think the shop needs another round of loving...

  • Tom mentioned the profile page would get updated too when he gets back from vacation, arcade related and likely some store features updates too.

  • hey Beav,

    2.yes, there is just people don't rate i guess!

    3. reputation based on sales and reviews, that wold be cool, and people will have a decent information to buy or not the assets.

    4. have the same problem i noticed that the approved asset is always on top, and the duplicate that is waiting for approval its under it .

    6.additional to that,

    maybe could be point NR 8, sale collaborators

    for games lets say, if a guy makes the engine, and an artist the graphics and another the sound, to have a possibility to get revenue share % based on the work they did, and based on their agreement, same way works advertising revenue share from newgrounds, just it wold need like a general organization group, with a different format where every1 in the seller group will get even shares automatically, and not the insecure way that newgrounds works, so lets say i decide to team up with 1 sound artist and 1 graphic artist, we make a request on forum for a seller account named AwesomeGroup

    now the account should be set so all the collaborators that requested to join will get 1 of 3 parts in % of the total share if someone else joins in (the 4th member then the sale revenue will split in 4 ),

    when an item is submitted by the leader of the group witch is going to be mentioned upon agreement of all people in the forum request, all the members will get a message alert asking to detail the info of their contribution or opt-out if they did not,

    not sure if this is going to be easy, but for sure its a good future to have, for those who want to bundle things, and collaborate to do some cool quality assets!

    the price of the asset sold by the 4 guys or 3 , wold be calculated as a bundle, if the guy with audio, says its worth 3 $ and the game 10$ and the graphics another 5$ and so on will be summed up, and discounted if the case.

    and this way people can co-op and increase the quality of the assets in the store, and also why not, making a good living going more noticed, and raising into a indie team, that builds trust in time

    also no member of that group will have the ability to change the % or remove a team member unless its voted by the rest of the group!

    this way we fix the newgrounds flaw system, in their system, they allow the publisher to assign and change whenever they want % of the revenue share, so what stops me to add u as audio guy for 10% and then after i get revenue to cut you off! ?

    also point nr 9 is there a way to sell the assets for resell license, like 1 time price for sounds or graphics or games, buy it once at 99$ license and your able to sell the same product unaltered further to some other markets?

    not sure if you guys will understand my point!:) but hopefully i made a bit of sense ok back to work ... cheers

  • Beaverlicious Good one

    1. True, I agree.

    2. Yeah like a reminder mail a day after the purchase to the buyer for commenting/ liking.

    3. 100% agree. buyers will get a clear idea from this bagde/reputation system about the seller's items.

    4. I have the same problem now. Currently two items incomplete because of my current uploading problem. Couldn't able to delete.

    * Am I missing number of Downloads for a product.

    * Add my store items in my profile page like other informations such as my posts, tutorials and others.

    I like this scirra store, expect the fact that i am having some temp issues in uploading. I would like to see this store getting better and better, creating more possibilities for sellers and buyers.

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