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  • Hi, Tom or Ashley not sure which should i call in on this, but i noticed, that scirra store doesn't have a capx download for the sellers own assets, for example, i want to download a game of my own so i can re-work it a bit, since i lost the original capx, but outside the generate code i cant download the versions of it.

    i dont know if this is a issue or that was mentioned before. but its a addition for store to be much faster? like adding a download button in the version area for each version, so we dont have to generate more codes for the files we need?

        capx2 ---Download

    if the request is in the wrong section im sorry, i dont know where to post it im confused since its not a real important issue or bug, but more of a feedback based request type of post, that in my opinion it wold make things much smooth and look/feel more normal.

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