How does Scirra know?

    [quote:368j29vp]The individual is permitted to make up to $5,000 USD lifetime revenue (or equivalent in other currencies/payments/benefits) from their creations. This includes but is not limited to revenue generated through advertisments, in app purchases, sale of content, licensing of content, contract work.

    If you generate more than the above stated revenue you must upgrade your Personal Edition License into a Business Edition license within 14 days regardless of if you intend to continue use of your license or not.

    How does Scirra know when an indie dev or group has made that amount of money?

    If say I published to Steam Grennlight?

    It is too parts:

    1) Honor system: BUT most games don't earn any real money - (6 months hard work for about $100). And if you earn $5,000 everyone will know about it - because nobody else is earning

    2) For the unhonorable men and women of this world... they have their ways and they will catch you, and they will find you and they sure aint going to tell you how either... why would they.

    Use the honor system, and then you don't have to worry about number 2.

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    For obvious reasons, we don't want to discuss our approach. Closing this thread.

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