Scirra Arcade Updates?

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  • Hi!

    I just got my new license for Construct 3 and love working in it so far (Been a C2 user for years). Great work guys! Coming from an artist background I am able to create the games I want to make with your event system and it's super intuitive for me .

    My question is actually regarding the Scirra/Construct Arcade. I have searched around the site but don't see any posts about future plans or updates now that Construct 3 is out. I was wondering if there are updates for the Scirra Arcade coming soon?

    Some things I would really love to see to help bubble up the quality games:

    1. Sorting games via (What's Hot, Popular, Top Games) within a particular category (Driving, Platforming, RPG etc). Right now those sorting options are top level only, but if I am an RPG lover I want to try out the best games within that category.

    2. Some clean up of dupe games - I have noticed a lot of games are dupes (either on purpose or accident) and it really clutters up the space. I understand manually cleaning up the arcade could become a difficult task, but maybe there is way to automate the process?

    3. Scirra Picks of the month - Another manual thing, but maybe have the Scirra devs pick out their favorite games each month or quarter and put them into a separate category.

    My apologies if there is already a post about this, if so could you please link it?


  • *moved, as anything Arcade related is a Website Issue and not a C3 discussion related topic.

  • This blog post is quite old but nevertheless should explain a bit about what we're doing.

    The process of shifting everything over to will take time, but we are making good progress. Nothing will really change on as we don't want to break it, it's struggling with the sheer weight of usage as it is!

    We want to do a lot of work on the arcade when it's moved, but as to our specific plans for it, there's nothing to really talk about yet!

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  • Awesome! Great to hear that you guys have plans in place and are progressing toward new goals. Can't wait to see new updates .


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