Scirra Arcade keeps insisting that my comment is spam

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  • I tried to add a comment here, but I get a message about how it "looks like spam". ... o-bros-1-1

    This is the comment I tried to post:

    > Perfect . How did you do that?


    With lots of care and effort.

    For Mario's movement, I referenced an image I found that detailed his various speed and acceleration values for every possible state. I also wrote a Lua script for FCEUX which would show me the position and speed values of enemies in real-time. For more complicated behaviors like Bowser, I referenced a disassembly of the game. For most everything else, I stepped the emulator frame-by-frame to carefully observe the game's behavior.

    If you are interested in the source, I recently uploaded it to Mario Fan Games Galaxy.

    I don't see how this could "look like spam". This also happened with another game I tried to comment on (the really horrible Mario game that is somehow in the top 5 on the arcade). I think the website may have banned me after this last attempt to post a comment.

    Could Tom or Ashley look into this?

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  • You're whitelisted so shouldn't happen again. It's caused by Akismet (spam detecting service) giving a rare false positive

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