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  • 1º Leaderboards: There is no filter in the ID i use. I can place any "ID" i want and make highscores inside any game i want in the entire Scirra Arcade, there is no restriction ( i just placed by mistake the id "541" because i thought it was the id of my Leaderboard, but it was the id of my game, so the highscores that come from my game ended in some Leaderboard that uses "541" and i dont know to who it belongs, is not mine...)

    2º Arcade Options: I can't enter the "Account board" easly, i still don't know were to go to edit my games, im using a message to get that link, also my game is not shown in my profile-

    3º Update problems: it should destroy cache in the computer if the game was updated, or it will have no difference between using my own server or this one. It will be great if it works as newground, amazon or any other games web page were the game is completely updated automatically every time i enter if necessary to avoid errors and comments over old versions.

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  • There is already a thread setup by Tom for Arcade issues - no need for another.

  • okey!

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