Is Scirra Arcade bugged?

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  • I've just uploaded a game for Rikoshe Mobile Game Jam. It is a first time I was uploading to Scirra Arcade, ale there are many bugs.

    1. Instructions fiels is required to have at least 30 charactes. I've placed some instructions there but nothing is visible on my game's page.

    2. Any tip button (the orange one next to each field) redirects to an empty page where only title is displayed and not content.

    3. There is a checkbox to accept Terms and Conditions. It's also a link, but after clicking on it it redirects to an empty page as well. So yes I read the TaC (there was only the title) and I accept it

    I've checked that on Chrome and Firefox, both while logged in and not. Same result.

    EDIT: This is how I see it

  • * moved, as the Arcade is a Website issue.

    The arcade is still in beta AFAIA ( Tom ?) so if there are issues you've found, posting them here for Tom to see is the best option.

  • Allright. Thanks

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  • Game instructions are found by clicking the ? round icon on top of the game.

    No bug there.

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