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  • You what could be amazing? Checking My Scirra Account & messages on a mobile app made by Scirra.

    That way I Can check it on my tablet/phone when I need too or far from my PC/Laptop.

    Ashley & Tom please make this app, it would be totally awesome.

    Constructors what do you think about it?

  • I disagree entirely. Ashley is the only developer and as such, I think his time would be more beneficially utilised in developing and enhancing the core C2 program.

  • I'll admit these forums are terribly mobile-unfriendly, but I get by well enough as it is. Definitely wouldn't want development time on Construct to be sacrificed for this sake.

  • Well wouldn't a mobile-optimised forum layout make more sense than writing a whole app? Then you can just check it in the browser.

  • It would be somewhat ironic if the future of gaming is html5 but the future of forums requires an app... A mobile optimised forum would get my vote!

  • It would be somewhat ironic if the future of gaming is html5 but the future of forums requires an app... A mobile optimised forum would get my vote!

    Food for thought indeed

  • Oh god I hate "mobile-optimized" anything. One of two things inevitably ends happening:

    Either the "mobile version" is crippled and we don't have access to all the features from the desktop version

    or this:

    What's wrong with zooming and reading in landscape mode?

  • Fimbul I've had very good experiences with mobile versions of websites and forums. I don't see why this would be a bad thing for Scirra. However, do we really need this, now? I don't think so... the developer's time could be spent in more important things.

  • phpBB has some great responsive themes, but the only mobile device I use to browse the forums is an iPad and it already works great on that anyway.

  • Maybe we can use Tapatalk or something?

  • I've never had any issues visiting the scirra forums on my android phone either (besides that annoying bug where you don't stay logged in).

    However, I've had plenty of issues where the "request desktop site" version doesn't work, the site refuses to serve content, instead redirecting me to a "mobile-friendly" home page, or where the "responsive" mobile theme lacked most, if not all, power-user features.

    I say forget about optimizing the forums and keep everything as-is. "Mobile versions" are a blight in the web industry.

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  • I also think it would be just useless, the forum is not great on mobile, but having an app for it is not worth it.

    What the heck withball those apps for websites?! Everyday I stumble upon a website suggesting "use our mobile app instead", there is no added value, it is just a waste of time, or it is done to add some advertisements easily.

    Asfor mobile versions, I am against since it is mostly done by extracting the bare minimum of the website and ruining the look. but I can tolerate them if you can switch frol one to another in one touch or click (on the page, not the option of the browser)

  • Just to offer my opinion,

    I seems a little weird to me that a developer's related application and documentation site would require or need a mobile app or mobile optimized site. I say this because we live in the desktop. Construct 2, and all other developer related apps (IDKs), live in the desktop. For most of us, the design, marketing, organizing, programming, etc..., is all done in the desktop. It would seem weird to have a piece broken away and forked to focus on a different type of platform, or venue really.

    It would be like having a farm truck used for hauling heavy stuff around and saying that it would be really helpful to make it more aerodynamic.

    Of course, everyone works differently. This is just my personal view point on the subject. And, of course, I agree that Ashley's time could be better spent on other things.

  • The manual might be ok as an app.

  • I find that using the forum on Android mobile on Chrome (in my case Nexus 5 and Nexus 7) bites.... (i.e. it's bad). Slow to the point of being virtually unusable. Viewing is 'ok' but posting is not.

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