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  • Hello!

    When writing a post to someone who seems to be unaware of the forum rules, it led me to find that, after a quick Google search and browsing some stickies topics, I cannot find the forum rules. I did find an old post from a user on this forum giving their ideas for rules but it received no replies!

    Could someone point me in the right direction?

    If this doesn't exist, it got me thinking - perhaps it's worth having a clear set of rules, some may start using a forum but have no idea how they operate, perhaps they're used to Facebook or reddit and just assume to post everything vaguely related to construct 3 under "Construct 3 - general".

    Just a quick thought!

  • Ah perfect, thank you! I didn't think to check open topic, I checked stickies in "Construct 3 General", stickies in "Website Issues and Feedback", then did quick Google - I was trying to be quick posting before going to work today so didn't look very thoroughly.

  • Please note the Forum & Community guidelines advise against replying to people breaking the rules:

    Please don’t reply to people violating the rules; use the report button to report them privately.

    This is also to prevent having your own posts deleted if the thread is removed.

    FWIW the Forum & Community guidelines are IMO pretty common sense stuff - we have them written down to make it clear to anybody who might be in any doubt, and as to have specific rules to refer to when people break them. It's also generally impossible to prove any kind of intent, so we have to enforce the rules equally regardless of whether people seem to be aware of them or not.

  • Ashley , sorry, my reply was mostly emotionally driven, he seemed passionate but confused about how to present himself and I understand its not your responsibility to try and council someone either, that'd be absurd ofcourse.

    Is there a PM feature on the forum? I remember looking for this the other week but was unsure where to find this. Being able to talk one to one with forum members could be quite useful for examples like this.

  • No, because people abused it, which itself was a difficult moderation problem. We don't want to start reading people's private communications, so the feature was removed.

  • Ah wow, thanks for the reply! I missed a lot around here over the years.

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  • Ashley As PM's will not be returning, is there a recommended form of communication amongst forum users, such as maybe an official discord server that everyone is aware of?

    Over a week ago, I posted a bug report about a possible multiplayer bug, but I see you (Ashley) tried this and was unable to reproduce, and suggested some suspicious actions in my c3p file.

    I have been unable to provide more substantial detail as of now, but the bug still persists even with action changes, I already spent hours changing my events around in my main project and then was able to quickly reproduce this on a separate small c3p, at most I suspect maybe that clicking "preview" whilst already in a room will not auto-close the room, and then joining the same room causes issues (I don't know for sure but it's getting very tedious to test).

    Back to the point of this post: a user recently posted a multiplayer bug that sounded similar to my bug, and I saw their topic and bug report. I posted and shared that maybe my bug is similar to theirs.

    Well, now, both their forum topic and their bug report is closed... So how can I communicate with this one user to speak more, just in case discussing it may bring us to answers? I really don't want to blindly test for a further number of hours, and would be great to have the option to discuss this without worrying about the topic or bug report closing, which suddenly ends communication.

    Recently, I was able to discover the cause of a bug affecting multiple users when creating Keystores. After posting the fix, I realised there were posts spanning weeks about this bug as others were linking their own post to the fix I posted. The only reason I was able to help find this fix was due to googling someone's username and luckily finding an email address (which looks dodgy for that user to begin with).

    I will add that the Keystore bug did not affect me and I was doing this just to try to be helpful and be more part of the Scirra community.

    If there's no PM system or official discord, is it really just the case that we cannot communicate? Could we maybe have communication links in our profile (so people can click on our username, then see their email, or steam, or discord, etc.) please?

    If not, I have to say, it feels very unusual to have communication so restricted, it's discouraging to spend hours on a bug issue and come out with "cannot reproduce, check your events" which after doing gives the same results, and I don't have the ability to reach out to possibly similar users to discuss this.

  • Thanks ! Admittedly though, I found this when searching and remember the user asking to get it sticked, so I take it it is unofficial.

    I would be very interested in an official means of communication, one that Scirra recommends everyone uses.

  • Just share an email address, social media account, or some other service, and take up discussion there.

  • Ashley Many thanks for the reply!

    Where would people share this? Like I mentioned, the topics are closed, so I can't ask the user "hey what's your email" or tell them mine. Unless I start a topic calling their name?

    I don't want to inherently share mine to the public or in an open topic, too. I would rather specifically choose who I would like to message, but even better if they had contact details on their profile (but this feature no longer exists on these forums?)

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