Who else has been reset to "Visited 0 days in a row"?

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  • I've been visiting this website every day for 30 days now, and spent considerable time in these forums over the past 12 days helping people out with technical problems, and some gremlin keeps creeping into my account and resetting my "Visited days in a row" back to zero.

    Is this just me, or have I misunderstood something?

    Yes, I know it's sad but I was kinda looking forward to earning my Devotee, Dedicated and Fanatic medals.

  • Not only you have problem with it, the counter has reset to zero as you mentioned because the calculator uses cookies to count visits and probably that cookie responsible for counting days has been cleared either your browser or (if you have installed) some cleaning software (for example CCleaner)

    It's hardo to me to say but your effort has been completly wasted.

    Of course there is a slight chance to recreate (edit) newly created cookie by scirra's forum, but if you know how to do it properly. (Try search addon EditThisCookie for your web browser)

  • Thanks Lazarus1988 - I have webdeveloper toolbar which could be used for editing cookies, but surely if that's how this is tracked anybody could mess with their visits and get a Fanatic medal in about 5 minutes instead of 100 days, and thus rather invalidates the award. For that reason, I'd rather not mess with those cookies, but thanks for the heads-up.

  • That's my guess it's with cookie, because i had 6 days counted and I cleared my web browser and now I have "0 days in row", I'm using CCleaner to keep my HDD clear so it clears also cookies. For 2 weeks or more whenever I run my PC i see "0 days in Row" in my profile.

    But I don't think 

    Ashley, or Tom, or any of Scirra staff would make such "noobish" error but if your suspection about editing cookies are correct then this would made major damage to Scirras reputation. Let's wait, maybe someone responsible for forum will provide us some comments...

  • Lazarus1988 - yes I hope so too.

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  • My 'days visited' looks fine.

    I really don't think this would be stored in cookies...it would be way too easy to hack.

    The badge system has always been a bit wonky...I just noticed I'm missing a couple of notch badges (can't believe it's been 3 years since I joined ).

  • Hi, sorry about this.

    I don't see why it should be resetting to zero. To be safe, just make sure you visit a page on the site not just the forum when you visit. I'm aware there's some quirks, I'm sorry! I've been extremely busy recently and am full steam ahead on the new arcade at the moment. The badge/rep system needs overhauling, it's on my list.


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