Request/Suggestion: Addressing Open With dialogue box

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  • I would consider this a request since I am unsure if it is actually a "bug".

    I installed Construct 3 on my Windows machine in standalone form. However, when I attempt to open up a C3 file Windows does not know what to do with it and prompts me for an "Open With..." dialogue box. In the list of programs Windows does not recognize Construct 3 as an option (see attached).

    In the old days Construct 2 was recognized on Windows (as seen in the image with a cute C2 icon). As Construct 3 matures I suggest C3 gets the same treatment to feel just as authentic as a typical Windows program.

    This is a minor inconvenience and the workaround is simple enough by firing up C3 and opening the file from within the environment. I post this with fandom partial to Scirra. Being an end-user I rationalize If Unity or other programs do it, Construct 3 should be doing it as well.

    If this is user error on my part I am open to fixing it on my end. Perhaps I missed something.


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