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  • Because linking is kind of essential form of communication on the web and it's restricting new users from getting help when they can't link to their work. It's a bit pointless anyway, because it's such an easy thing to work around and you really only restricting the users you should be wanting to help the most.

  • Disagree entirely. There is more than enough spam and there needs to be some way to stop such posts.

    A proper user can garner the required rep points in no time with very little effort.

  • zenox98

    I agree.

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  • So the reason you have to earn 300 rep to post a link is because of spam? Why 300? Can't it be lower, like 190? Do spambots give up just before reaching 300 rep or something?

    If there is "enough spam already," as you say, obviously, it's not stopping bots or people who want to spam. They are going to find a way to do it if they want it bad enough. It could be 500 rep and it wouldn't matter. So why not lower it then in the benefit others?

    It's been a while since you were a new user. To you it's easy to gain rep because your experience allows to make many helpful replies throughout the day, post a tutorial to explain how to do something, you've already logged in 10 consecutive days, or whatever else you did to earn all your rep points. Making that first 300 rep isn't easy for someone who doesn't know how to do it, and it's a lot of extra effort just to be able to post a link. There's some irony in saying you can "Create games easily" with Construct 2, but you have to work at getting enough reputation to do something as basic as post a link in a forum.

    All I want to do is get a little help with my game using Construct 2. I don't want to spend hours playing forum games for rep points just to post a link. There are better ways to stop spammers and that won't impede new users.

  • What's wrong with the "report is post" button? That can't be used to stop spammers?

  • Moved to 'Website issues' forum.

    Spam is a huge problem for any website and it can end up taking a great deal of manual work to clean up. I don't think you can appreciate how difficult it is until you've run your own site which gets targeted by spambots. You might not see much spam on the forum, but that doesn't mean we're not cleaning up a lot of it still. In the past it was so bad we had to take some extreme measures, and blocking links removes 90% of the incentive for anyone to spam the forum. It has been very effective in reducing the amount of manual work necessary to clean up the spam.

    For legit uses you can still post a link, just remove the http:// and parts and people can copy-paste it in to the address bar.

  • Moreover it's not an obligation to post a link.

    If you want someone to check out the capx of your game and provide help, use the "Upload attachment" function/tab in the Full Editor.

    This allows you to attach capx or screenshot to your posts and so provide the required informations for you to get help.

    The report button does help with spam, as mentioned in this topic.

  • Edit: I did not know everyone, regardless of reputation, can upload files to the forum. I just assumed it would require more rep than posting a link because it would take up server space. My mistake. My argument for allowing new users to link isn't valid. Please disregard my earlier posts.

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