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  • I looked for the most appropriate forum to put this in and figured this would be it, rather than replying to tutorial authors.

    I really respect and appreciate anyone who takes the time to post a tutorial, I've contributed a couple times myself, but in my opinion it's not good form to post tutorials with capx files that were created using Beta versions of Construct; I don't really mind if it's the latest stable release, though I guess I'm a little lazy in that regard too, but as far as Beta releases go there are legit reasons for why we don't want them on our computer in order to see a tutorial.

    If I'm shouted down on this that's cool, if my opinion is in the minority then definitely don't go with it; but I feel feel that the Tutorial section on this site should have a note added to it asking authors 'Please create your capx tutorial files only in Stable releases of Construct 2, unless there are specific features in a Beta release you're attempting to demonstrate'.

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