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  • I would like to request an Advanced Questions Forum Thread... it maybe that people already know a good way to get advanced user's help, but if so I'm unaware of it.

    I have noticed the "How Do I..." thread has become saturated with beginner questions despite the new Beginner Questions sub thread. And since using C2 for a while now, my questions are more advanced and rarely do I ever get any responses. I think my questions may be more difficult and are not getting seen by people who might know the answer. Most of the time I usually figure it out on my own, but only after bludgeoning through it. And while I have no qualms about doing that, I think having a give and take with other advanced C2 users is way more beneficial. As a programmer, I'd always have other programmers review my code when I was learning, and when I got more advanced I'd open discussions about the way I would approach a particular problem. I think this back and forth is a great way to learn from your peers and ultimately achieve more.

    In addition, the number of topics and posts in the "How Do I.." thread outstrips probably all the other threads combined. So it would make sense to have at least a few different categories of Help.

    I love the idea of a Beginner Questions thread. I think the "How Do I.." can be a "catch all" incase a user has no idea if it's an Advanced question or not. And for the 'Advanced' thread. I'm not sure if "Advanced How Do I..." is not the right name. Maybe "Advanced Questions" or "Advanced Help".. or "Second Set of Eyes"... cause sometimes you go down a path, and it's nice to get a second set of eyes that might see a better or more efficient way to do the same thing!

    just my .02 cents


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