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  • Hi there guys! I finally have a nice version of my game ready to play, but since I'm using a 3rd party plugin, called "Data Structures", My game is not eligible to be part of the Arcade.

    I've been put a lot of effort on this, and it is a little bit frustrating not being able to share what I could do in Construct2 with other users. Is there by any chance a way to give support to that plugin? It was released some time ago, and I believe there is some people around here using it on their projects too.

    Anyway, if it's not possible, thanks anyway, I just had to ask.

    Thanks for the attention! o/

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  • There are plenty of places other than the arcade to share you game like on your own site, on facebook (not too hard) or on dropbox, etc... The rules on the arcade are due to the team not having the time or personel to be able to personally test and certify that all third party plugins are safe or even compatible.

  • Ashley please support runaway and revive behaviors on arcade.


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