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  • It's just an annoyance really. In order to report a game you have to open it, and as a result you get logged as a recent player.

    Anyways the arcade looks to be in need of more moderation, merely by seeing the new game's thumbnails/title.

  • Yeah that's not one you want high score in.

    Or second place for that matter

  • R0J0hound

    Have you recently reported a game?

    I'm not seeing a report on anything at the moment, and I check regularly.

    ** Update **

    I just had a look and I reckon THIS is the game you might have reported. Is this correct?

    Tom I tested the Arcade reporting system and it isn't currently linked to the moderating reporting system.

  • Pretty sure it's the one that rhymes with "seen this george"

    Which will probably be the name of it's sequel.

  • zenox98

    That's the one. That's no good if it's not connected to the reporting system.

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  • Doesn't anyone check the games submitted to the arcade , this should never have been approved !

  • Report system is in a different interface zenox hasn't access to yet (something that was forgotten on our end when when he was moved to the moderator status).

    Game reports do work and are checked daily, so do not hesitate reporting them when needed.

    The reported game was dealt with.

    Thanks for the improvement suggestion R0johound.

    On the other hand, I'd be afraid that providing a way to report a game without even having to play it would allow some trolls to make even more reports than they are already doing.

    We will work on something nonetheless.

    Arcade is still in beta and to be developed/improved.

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