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  • Today I noticed, that one is unable to report a tutorial. You can report a board entry that does not stick to the rules, but tutorials can not be reported.....

    Can this be changed?

  • That's a question for Tom - until then you can PM an admin or moderator.

  • Arima - since it's only me who gets upset with people ignoring these rules and it seems to be of no further interesst, I will also start posting Tutorial in my native language.

  • I haven't found any rules for the tutorials. I have only found tips for a "good" tutorial (How to write a good tutorial). Perhaps this should be corrected - but i mean not good to bad <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle"> . It think that the language should be English because postings in another "native language" are useless for the community and when the content is wrong or not poltical correct.. but the characters look funny.. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Thank you Joe - that's exactly what annoy me. I think it unpolite and also a little "selfish" because it keeps, propably worthfull knowledge to a subset of the community.

  • Why is this such a big deal to you? It's not obfuscation, it's communication, by people who are probably even more frustrated than you are.

    Besides there is nothing keeping you from translating it.

    In fact the tutorials are meant to be maintained by the community. I think you should feel free to create, or add to said tutorials, as long as it is helpful.

  • newt - this will propably the last thing I will say to that matter:

    Haveing "unmoderated" languages on a internationaly used platform, that is hosted within the EU can bear dramatic legal issues. Let me give you a little example: Due to our history, the are some things that are seen as sedition here in Germany. Now, if there's a site, that is unable to understand what I post, and I could use this site, to pass on information to other "illegal" subjects in an easy way. This may all be no problem, if the company behind the site is outside the EU, but Scirra isn't.

    Now, one could say, this is highly theoretical - maybe, but out of professional experience I advise anyone in charge, to not even have any doubt occur that the site is "clean".

    In addition, you are talking about community. In my mind community counts all useres of a board and not only a subset. I question, why are there "local" boards an even a thread refering to them, if this international community drifts appart? If all the posted tutorials would be in the native language of the author, all lot of information would be kept from all the people not able to read that language. English as a very good common language to share information.

    Last but not least, I personaly think it is inpolite to use any other language then english on an international used board, but I understand, that my very conservative mind may be a problem to the "young" - I am "old" I know that, but I also have the full internet experience, ie. I have been "playing" with BBS long before the Internet was commodity or even known as such.

    May Ashley and Tom do what they like....

  • Much work suggest:

    When we post tutorials in our native languages it would be awesome to do "something" that classify them for this language - perhaps similar to Wikipedia. Some of the "native tuts" are copies of already written tuts - it would be nice when they stick behind the original and that we could open them by clicking on a language-link. I know that this is a little work ( <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ) for the site-admin but that will be very handy - and there would be no "native instances" on the tutorialspage of one tutorial <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Simple suggest: Perhaps a simple classifcation could be done with the "tags" - nice example for that: the "Russian tutorial" - is tagged with the "Russian Tag ".

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  • Purposefully and intentionally doing the wrong thing, is not OK. Others may do it without knowing. If you see something that is generally considered unaccepted practice, the solution is to report the problem not contribute to it.

    We have covered this in the past. Why do you return to this constantly?

    It is not your job to moderate, however it helps when you can inform the moderators of these things since we aren't all-seeing-all-knowing. Acting in an immature manner only compounds the problem. If you want to be mature about it, again... report the problem then move on. Stop threatening to add to it.


  • Sol - just get of my back and maybe do your job and moderate the once stepping over the border! <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I guess it's easier for you, to fight someone who can easily blamed to bre prejudice!

    As you may have read, I said that the above would be my last post regarding that manner, and I started by asking how to report tutorial. Also I tried to explain the danger of unmoderated languages, but as I see now, you seem not to realy read my posts.

    I am sick and tierd to clarify my statement, when other are the once that fail. By the way, why should I not post in German if other do in russian, protugues, spanish?

  • Arima - since it's only me who gets upset with people ignoring these rules and it seems to be of no further interesst, I will also start posting Tutorial in my native language.

    report the problem then move on. Stop threatening to add to it.


    So you should really cool down and as you said it yourself "read what you write" and see how it may get interpreted.

    Also, as said three times now, a report/PM to moderators/admins is the right way to go.

    Also be aware that, as moderators, there is only so-much we can do on the website.

    For example, we can't delete tutorials, that's something only Tom or Ashley can do (as admins).

    When Tom gets to see this topic he'll have an answer.

    Your reports have been seen/noted. As you said, ultimately Scirra boys have the final word, we're waiting on them too.

    Sol - just get of my back and maybe do your job and moderate the once stepping over the border! [...] By the way, why should I not post in German if other do in russian, protugues, spanish?

    Well that's kind of stepping over the border too imo. (especialy in regards of my two previous quotes)

    You should really take some time of the computer and cool down a little before writting such responses.

    Let us keep the discussion here for now and focus on the regional tutorials' issue, wait for Ash & Tom's decision.

  • Kyatric - As I said, I will no longer care if there's anything in here that is not in english, as well as I will no longer care to go through the work to translate my thoughts for a tutorial.

    I am quite cool and layed back, trust me. And I have met moderators like SOL before. Honestly, I have just tried to find the function to delete my account, because I feel, like I am the only nagging guy and that's the last I want to be.

  • If you don't want to be the only person who keeps harping on about other languages on the website, there's a much simpler way than deleting your account. You just need to stop keep harping on about other languages on the website, which you've already said you'll do. Problem solved.

    As Kyatric said, no action or respose has happened yet because we're currently waiting on an official response, as we don't actually have an official stance on non English tutorials yet. Once we get one, then we'll know what to do. It's OK to bring this to our attention, it's just the way that you've been going about it is the problem. Again, for future reference, all you need to do is PM an admin or moderator. Report the content and your concerns, then move on.

    I know you claim to be calm, but it doesn't sound like it when you do things like talk about deleting your account. Relax. Your concerns have been read, we'll discuss it.

    That better?

  • Sorry we haven't been around for last couple of days, we've both moved flat and it took a while to get everything sorted out.

    Tutorials should be in English, but we will be adding multi language tutorial support at some stage. Because I've been put on the spot to define the rules, we will allow non English tutorials as they will eventually be part of the multi language tutorial system.

  • Arima & Kyatric: It's more the way that some "moderator" seems to do his job, that get's me upset, then the problem itself. At the end, it's Tom and Ashley who have to stand up for things that go on on their plattform, especially if ATAC will come - I explained it in my post.

    As I said, I will no longer "note" any language issues and just keep on doing my business.

    Wanting to delete my account - what I am still thinking of - is a reaction to the way SOL moderates. Maybe someone should think about a moderation conduct!

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