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  • I think that this 350 rep points to enable a signature is a bit silly, and will just create spam post so people can get a higher rep. so I am just posting this to boost my rep

  • That's not a very friendly or helpful way to boost your rep. Why don't you head over to the Your Creations forum and give people some helpful comments on their screenshots, videos, test pieces, and games?

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  • I was merely making a serious point in a joking way, I in no way was trying to upset anyone. I am sorry you misunderstood my intent

  • Too bad you couldn't do a search first and post in this relevant thread first.

    We have little cases of people spamming their way to the requisite reputation, because it's not hard by browsing the whole website to be helpful and get the amount without being spammy.

  • I have searched the forums, and found a lot of post regarding this, and I did indeed post a comment on one of them, and was told off for reserecting an old topic. Do you actually think that this is a good way to encourage and keep new members?

    from searching these forums as you suggested I found a lot of people have an issue with the rep system, but their opinions are brushed aside and ignored, or they are just shouted down

  • Well those forums are more about getting games done, and so far the community understands that.

    Also the opinions voiced are not ignored or shouted down, it just takes time to adjust the website.

    Lately Tom was working on the tutorials part, next will be improvements to the arcade, it does take time. He will eventually come round to the reputation system, which he already stated was complex to fix.

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