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  • Hi,

    Since last night my rep points have increased from around 381 to 8333. On every page refresh I gain about 100 points and another devotee badge (I have over 164 now).

    At first I assumed the website was very intuitive and was adjusting my rep points to match my good character. But, alas, it appears to be problem with the web site.

    If I click on my name to access my account I get

    Error executing child request for /error.aspx.

    It seems to be an issue when I am logged in. If I am logged in I get the preceding error message when I attempt to access anything but the forum. If logged out I can access the rest of as a guest.



  • I am also experiencing this same error, my rep points are exponential and I cannot surf the site.

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  • Iam with the same error when i try to access the site on chrome. I can only surf in the forum and my points are growing exponentially.

  • Check dis dude right here out lol.

    Tom will be fixing this as soon as possible. He's got a few things on right now, so bare with us while we find the solution.


  • lol, thats some dedication. I take my hat off to you guys :)

  • Just made a post and noticed the same thing...we can't check out that guy because it leads to the same scripting error. :)

    In the meantime, people can access the manual via cached googling...pretty much everything I try gives a script error. I'm just grateful that others are having the same issue and a mod is aware. Thanks!

  • I cleared my cache for scirra site and the bug ended ;)

    Try this.

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