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  • I made a thread several weeks ago, and I could be wrong about how it happened, but it seemed that I kept receiving Rep Points when people would post replies. On the other hand, I've since made another topic and haven't received reply-rep. Was I hallucinating?

    It would make sense for there to be some sort of rep bonus when people post on your topic, as it indicates you've stimulated community interaction, which seems to be one of the key behaviors the site creators have targeted through gamification. (The three biggies being Community Interaction, Game Creation, and Community Support.)


  • My rep was over 400 and is now 350 , no idea why.

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  • If you count up almost anyone's theoretical point totals for badges and add forum post points, you'll see they don't align. The stated points for badges and behaviors doesn't actually match points awarded. You, for example, have:

    Authentic: 25

    Commentator: 25

    Forum User: 25

    Hello World!: 25

    RTFM: 25

    Updater: 25

    Forum Posts: 11x2=22

    I would expect, just based on public points values, for you to have 172 rep. Right now you show at 355. You can do the same with mine, and I've noticed that I often get more points for a badge than listed on the badge page.

  • RandomExile: You forgot to count the rep points for the fact of being a C2 licensee.

    It's not written anywhere, but trust me, you got rep for that.

    Also you forgot to count the 3 points for MelVin's 3 comments.

    Also, anytime you get a comment or a tutorial upvoted, you earn points too...

  • Ahhh, you're right! So, he gets three more points for comments, giving him 175. Assuming he has no upvotes, and since I couldn't find a tutorial for him, that means the C2 license is 180.

    Applying that to me, then ...

    050 Manual Grad

    025 Authentic

    001 Blog+1

    025 Commentator

    050 Devotee 25x2

    025 Evaluator

    025 Eye2Eye

    001 Forum+1

    025 Forum User

    025 Hello World

    025 Manual Student

    001 +1

    025 RTFM

    025 Updater

    060 Forum posts 30x2

    004 Site Comments 4

    180 Theoretical C2 License Rep


    572 Rep

    (810) Actual Rep


    (238) Unexplained Rep

    I find it more likely that the License Rep would be 150, rather than 180, which might mean MelVin has 30 Unexplained points of his own (although they may be comment upvotes which haven't reached the threshold for a badge).

    I don't believe I have upvotes, so I may have 268 Unexplained Rep. I'd try to calculate yours, Kyatric, but ... =)

  • Hah! And, searching the Rep list for accounts to audit, I found one user with 162 Devotee Badges, who crammed 1,620 days into a 202-day-old account which was last active 120 days ago. So, if the user was active for 82 days, that's a max of 7 legit badges (since I believe you have to lose a day to reset the clock), but instead racked up 20/day. Maybe they just got 20 times more use out of the site than typical. =P

  • There used to be a bug attributing a "time streak" badge to users, each time they were loading a page of the website on the legit day.

    The worst part being that day, they couldn't access the forums or other parts of the site.

    It happened around a year ago iirc. That bug was since fixed but their rep stood.

    At some point, the best way to get rep is just being active in the website and helpful. The rep follows, it doesn't matter how "unexplainable" the points are <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I wondered if somehow the date system had been spoofed, but the actual bug blocking you from participating but giving you mad rep in your failure is a lot funnier. =)

    I can't help but try to figure system interactions out, but I'm most excited about learning enough of using C2 to answer someone else's question for the first time, making a game which gives someone a few happy minutes, and writing a useful tutorial or two.

    A number of my friends participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. I will have just graduated from college, and I'm going to have an unofficial "NaGaWriMo." Guess the "Ga..." =P

  • I haven't read this thread, but I have been receiving random additional rep points today, throughout the day, with no known reason. I've gone up approx. 50 rep points, and don't believe I'm gotten any new badges. It has been intermittent growth, not all at once. And I haven't written enough in the forums to account for this.

  • As a point of interest, I hit 30 consecutive days today and received 200 rep instead of 100, so definitely certain point values have been adjusted from the stated amounts. (yay!) I wonder if we can compile an updated list. I know it's 10 points per comment like, 30 bonus for 3 likes, 2 points per forum post, and now 200 for 30 consecutive days on the site.

    Hahah, congrats on your mysterious rep, teahousemoon. Chances are someone's been liking your comments.

  • Don't worry about rep too much, we're going through and sorting it all out slowly as we roll out the new design.

  • <---- Anal-retentive number cruncher goes *twitch*. =P

    [EDIT: For non-English speakers, "anal-retentive" means excessively detail-oriented. =) Only by word origin in psychology does it have anything to do with poop.]

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