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  • Hello guys, i don't know where to create this post so if i'm wrong please move it to the corresponding place.

    The thing is i just reached the visited (100 days a row) and the consecutive days posted (50 post), the question is what should i do to reach it again? continue visiting and posting? or i need to stop visiting and posting for a day to reset the values?

    Thanks and regards.

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  • Well i do some math and here is what i think.

    for the Active badge i have:

    (bronce) post a day for 10 days: x3

    (silver) post a day for 25 days: x2

    (gold) post a day for 50 days: x1

    This means is not accumulative because i should have atleast 5 bronce medals because i have 1 gold.

    so i.e: if you post 20 consecutive days you will have only 1 bronce medals, BUT, if you post for 10 consecutive days (stop one day) and then another 10 consecutive days you will have 2 bronce medals.

    Im not saying this is good or bad, this is how it works.

    so i think i need to stop enter and posting for a day for the "reset" and do it again if i want another gold medals .

  • I have not reached this goal yet, but this is something I would love to know as well. Congratulations by the way for being such an active user within this great community!

  • I wish I saw this thread sooner before you reset your counters D:

    You don't need to reset your counter in order to gain another badge (at least for the 100 days one). I have come on for 400+ days so far and have got 4x Fanatic badges.

    But still, nice going! I don't think I've ever posted once a day for a period of time.

  • So this means only the gold ones are accumulative? its ok im in 0 again thanks Jase00 and beardedeagle.

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