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  • Taking a look at badges section, and number/times awarded in particular, a thing does catch my attention - the "Evaluator" badge.


    Description seems clear - leave some feedback on a page.

    Okay, not so clear. What is a page?

    An Arcade game page? No.

    Perhaps a Tutorial page? No.

    Maybe a page about Construct 2 release? Still no!

    As such, the mere fact of this badge not being awarded to anyone in past 346 days would seem like a decent indication that something is broken.

    Was the related section of website removed, or would it make sense to not leave badge descriptions so obscure? Obviously, some (like the treasure one) should be obscure, but these early badges should not be a guessing game.

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  • According to the description,it can be a Facebook page,or the whole internet.

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