How Do I Quickly Get Reputation Points?

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  • How Do I Quickly Get Reputation Points?


    I am new to the forums and "Construct 2".

    I tried to post a demo of my "Construct 2" project,

    but was told that I need 500 Reputation points to post a URL?

    What is the quickest method to gain more Reputation points?



    Here are screenshots of my "Construct 2" project:

  • Reading the manual gives points, posting on the forums(don't spam useless comments though). Vote on articles, etc... look at the rewards/achievements list on the site as they all give points... basically be useful and interact with others on proactive ways. The same way you gain reputation in the real world...

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  • JeZLee

    Check out this page to see how to get all of the badges/rep points

  • I'm not sure if there are any other ways aside from getting badges.

    I was hoping that playing Arcade games would give additional Rep points.

  • Participate in the forum regularly and you'll have 500 in no time.

  • They don't do anything, they have no use value.

  • They don't do anything, they have no use value.

    Except you need 500 rep points to post URL links in the forums. After that...*shrug* you're right.

  • thanks for the help .. i need rep points to PM

  • Actually, there are several tiers of value, some of which have changed recently, but they include being able to PM, posting clickable links in forum posts, having a signature, and editing tutorials.

  • you could use the guide on

    gives you details on how to gain points if you follow the link on page four

  • Kirosaki,

    200 Rep in 30 Seconds

    For 150 Rep, go to your profile page, click "Edit Your Profile", and:

    Check Subscribe to Official Scirra Blog;

    Check Subscribe to Construct 2 New Releases;

    Check Subscribe to Promotions from Scirra.

    ... and don't forget to save!

    For an additional 50 Rep, if you haven't already done so, go to the Scirra Blog or Tutorials, and:

    Upvote a Comment You Appreciate;

    Comment Constructively Yourself.


  • Thanks alot RandomExile:)...

  • Aha! Thanks RandomExile!

  • RandomExile

    ^--Need to use this more often than quotes.

    Thank you, this will be very helpfull in the future!

  • For those new users who honestly wish to build reputation points.

    Verified your email address 25

    Visit the Scirra website for 10 consecutive days 25 (works multiple times)

    Read 20 manual entries 25

    Upvote your first comment 25 (note: in tutorials)

    Read the fabulous manual! 25

    = 125

    Leave your first comment 25

    Introduced yourself on the forum 25

    10 unique views on your profile 25

    Visit the Scirra website for 30 consecutive days 100 (works multiple times - ps this just takes a 2 second logon each day)


    You should be able to get 300+ rep just by having a look at looking at the forum to learn the very basics of C2, with just 1 comment in the introductory thread. Each multiple 10 & 30 days visiting earns extra reps (25 & 100), which brings you close to 500 rep without getting into forum posting.

    Note for spammers: Don't bother. Nobody wishes to buy watches which don't work, or kitchens made of chipboard, plus links from this forum don't get a Google-Yahoo link rating.

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