Question about Scirra Store upload rules

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  • Apologies but I cannot create topics in the Scirra Store section.

    I have an app (a data creation tool) that I would like to upload to the store as a demo version, with limited functionality and containing an in-app link to the full and free version of the app. Would this be acceptable according to the store rules, or should I not post the demo? This demo contains no ads etc, so it should be ok - right...?


  • You'll have to wait for Tom to confirm, but I would say it's not something that would get approved.

    The store is there to sell complete items, not a demo you pay for and then have to pay again to have complete use of (kind of defeats the purpose of a demo, doesn't it ?).

    The store does not allow you to set "items for free" either as far as I'm aware.

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  • Kyatric - thanks for responding. What about the arcade - would it be acceptable to have a demo version running there instead? Thanks.

  • Overall I'm pretty confused and less and less sure about the product you are willing to offer.

    At worst, if you already do own a seller account, just go ahead and propose your product for approval and we will see what to do with it after testing during the review process.

    If you do not have a seller account yet, consider possibly sending a working copy of your demo to scirra's support and you'll get a definitive answer from there as to whether it would fit in the store and/or arcade.

  • OK KYATRIC. I was simply asking a philosophical question regarding whether a free demo would be acceptable or not (this applies both to submissions to the store and the arcade). I take it that there is no policy, so if I decide to submit anything to then I'll await judgement accordingly.

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