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  • I feel really silly for asking this, but how do I view the threads I've replied to? I've been searching and can't find an easy way except to search for my user name. I'm accustomed to other forum software where it will show new posts to threads the user has participated with in their control panel or something to that affect. I'm not seeing anything on the forum page or in my profile? Am I missing something?

  • I'm gonna go ahead and bump this thread. I may just be being silly but I still don't see it. I looked into the forum software and it sounds like it should have the capability. But I'm just not seeing it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Top right corner -> Click your name

    Click -> My Profile

    Below your picture -> Forum posts -> click the number

    Click -> Start Search bottom of page

    Edit: Just re-read your post and seen you've already tried that...

  • arontwose Thanks for that. Yeah, I was wondering if there was an easier way. In a lot of other forums I read my control panel for the account has a list of subscribed threads. It makes life a lot easier to follow conversations. I was wondering if there was something similar. It looks like the forum software has something like that. I just didn't know if I read the documentation and features wrong or if something just wasn't enabled or if I was just being blind and silly.

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