Put "All Posts" Option in the form like "All Tutorials"

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  • ashley#

    when i want to find any tutorials mostly i used

    view All Tutorials

    then Ctrl + F

    then i can find any tutorial very fast instead of search

    this would be very fast searching of any post related to our question, if all post of any category we can see in one page.


    and i think by doing this every day people will post less

    search option is giving us too many pages and it is difficult to see every result related to us


    I hope you understand what i want to say

    my English is not good

  • I'm afraid I'm not sure how this suggestion can be applied.

    The forums hold far more posts than the tutorials, and also are not listed by "category" like tutorials are.

    The advanced search option is a good way to filter the results you obtain for certain keywords and certain forums where the posts are posted.

    The problem is, with time, more and more people scattered informations all over the forums, so you may expect to find some information in a specific forum where in fact it will have been posted in a different one.

    Technical help has always been supposed to be held in the "How do I" forum whereas game design and more theoretical topics were meant to be discussed in the Game Development, Design & Ideas forum.

    Nonetheless, with time, more and more people posted technical help questions in the game development forum...

    Also a lot of people don't bother searching if it is not obvious in a few seconds.

    Why bother right ? Just post, someone will do the effort of answering/searching, won't they ?

  • Also, using Google search with the 'site:' qualifier can be very useful.

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  • yes

    and i think it is impossible to show all posts because their are thousands of posts but i have an idea to do something with our search engine


    when we search something then we found

    same post twice, thrice according to words founds in the users answers

    only 10 results in single page

    things we can do

    show questions only because if question will related to us we could find our best answers

    increase search result in one page, or it would be great if we could select how many result we want 25, 50, 100 result per page

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