Purchased a License, Program still asks to Upgrade

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    Well, I bought the license almost immediately after downloading the program to show support to the creators, and it didn't do anything. It downloaded a .txt file to my computer and the program still heckles me about updating. I am able to use the project files, so in some ways it is behaving like I have a license, but I really want it to stop unjustly asking me to upgrade when I already did. Maybe it's too early in the morning but I couldn't find a support ticket system or a contact page so I am asking for help in the forum, if that's alright.

    Is this a known problem with a fix?


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  • Haikan

    As it states on the purchasing part of the site, send all licensing issues to and Tom will take a look as soon as possible. They are usually quite prompt about such things, and will hopefully sort you out quickly.

  • Did you put the license txt file in the same subdirectory as C2?

  • As others have mentioned, place the license txt file in your install directory (typically c:/programs/construct2) then relaunch.

    If this doesn't work, email and we'll help you get it working!

  • Thank you so much; that fixed it!

  • In case other people are making a search and finding this topic there is also the tutorial "How C2 licenses work, paragraph "Using your license" explaining more on the process.

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