How do I purchase a subscription with PayPal??

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  • I would like to purchase a 1 year subscription. But when I tried to checkout, the system asked me for a card (visa, mastercard,etc.) which I don't have. I only have a PayPal account which I was supposed to use for payment. Is there any way I can pay for the subscription using only my PayPal account?

  • Have you just followed the instructions from the pricing page ?

    Once you get to the final checkout there is a couple of option buttons on top "Credit or debit card", and right under it "Paypal".

    Have you checked the Paypal option there ?

    Consider sending an email to, providing your username if you are still getting further issue.

  • Yes I selected the PayPal option because that's the only payment method I have available but then after clicking checkout the system asked me to provide a credit card number which I don't have

  • I was redirected to PayPal and I got this message

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  • Paypal subscriptions require an attached payment method to setup - we can take a payment directly from Paypal by transfer but you'll need to email us on with:

    - Your username

    - Term of license wanted (minimum 1 year)

    - Full invoicing address

    - Country

    We'll then send instructions on how to pay

  • I emailed but no reply, the only way I can buy a 1 year subscription is through PayPal, I don't have any card or bank.

  • We aim to reply to emails within 2 working days (often much quicker), I beleive I've replied now.

  • Okay.

    1. I don't have a credit card.

    2. I only have a PayPal account.

    3. My PayPal account has no funds.

    4. When I checked, there's seems to be no way I can put funds in it.

    5. But I watched a YouTube video that says I can still use my PayPal account as payment method if I linked it to another wallet that has funds.

    6. So my PayPal account is now linked to my another wallet that has funds.

    Can I avail a 1 year subscription with this method?

  • If you can pay us from Paypal to our Paypal account, we can sell to you yes

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