Published my game on Arcade, but the video at the end of the game won't play.

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  • Hi,

    I just uploaded my game to scirra arcade.

    It's a very simple game. Player move around to collect items, when player got enough items, he wins the game, and a video will be played.

    My method of doing this is to make the video initially invisible and preloaded, after player hit the winning condition, set the video to visible and play.

    The issue is only with Scirra arcade, because everything works perfectly in preview, my video has no issue to play when previewing.

    But when I play on Scirra arcade website, the video just won't come out, not even the first frame of it.

    What problem could have caused this? Any idea?

    By the way, the format of my video is webm. It's a 1 minute 50 seconds video. 29mb size.

    Please let me know if you have any thought on solving this issue.

    Appreciate your helps!

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