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  • Hello! I would like to propose that profiles add a "website" feature to the profile page. I would like to be able to post my site(s) on my profile page. Also, would it be possible to add a feature to the profile picture that can allow you to select between various Gravatars? I understand that being able to customize a profile picture can get very confusing and create complications, but I propose this. Can a user be generated a few avatars at the beginning of a profile creation, and then be allowed to select which one they like best? This would add a bt mroe customization to a profile, and it would certainly be fun! I am open to anyone else's feedback or other profile improvement ideas.

  • If you want a different avatar you need to make an account on gravatar and assign the avatar from there.

    As for website feature. What exactly do you mean? There's already a section in the profile for adding a website link. If you need more you can put them in the "About Me" section.

    For future reference, break up your text in paragraphs when you go to another topic/thought (like I've done here). Makes it much more inviting to read and thus more likely to get a response.

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  • I see, thank you for the tips! I will be sure to create an account. However, I'm afraid you missed the point of my post. I am talking about a specific section of the page dedicated to a website. I feel like this would bring a bit more organization to a user's profile.

  • And exactly what purpose would this section serve that the current profile page doesn't? You're not explaining what you mean by it.

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