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  • I'm still getting problems with slow downloading of certain pages on the site - and their eventual appearance in unstyled form.

    For example, the latest release page ( - just now, it took 32 seconds to download and when it did appear, there was no styling and all images were missing. I think the fault may lie with the server, which frequently seems to have a very high latency.

  • Has this issue cleared up, or is it still persisting?

  • Tom

    Thanks for following up. I'm afraid it's still persisting - in fact, it's a bit worse this morning (0745h NZDST - 1945h BST) > 90 sec).

    Similar loading times for the homepage and the Manual - and all come up unstyled.

  • Sorry for taking a while to reply!

    Have you tried connecting on a different internet connection (for example at work/library etc). Is it still slow then?

  • (no need for apologies!)

    No - but I will be able to try later today. (I've got a pretty fast ADSL2 connection here, and I don't have a similar problem with other sites.)

    I'll be back later.

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  • Tom

    Well, I've just done some testing at a colleague's with a faster connection - and had no trouble with any Scirra page downloading and rendering fully.

    So, your suggestion was a sound one - it's clearly down to something along the line with my own connection, and you can forget I ever raised the issue. Thanks for following up!

  • No problem :) I imagine it's probably an issue that will clear itself up.

    If you want to see where the bottleneck is, you could try doing a traceroute on command prompt. Enter command prompt on windows, and type:


    It should come up with a list of all the routers along the way to and their response times.

    I expect you will see at least one which is very slow!

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