3 posts in 14 minutes is spamming?

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  • I was 'warned', or something akin, that spamming is not allowed just now by an automated forum feature.

    This resulted from 3 posts over a course of 14 minutes on the same topic.

    The 3rd post, from which the warning arose to interrupt me, still posted without delay.

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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  • It's probably better just to edit your post rather than add another, especially if in as small a time frame as 14 minutes.

  • Agreed, unless it's a response to someone else that you hadn't mentioned in the initial message, such that they receive a message signifying that a response has been posted to them.

  • I still would just edit and add their name in, doesn't concern me much if they get the notification, I'm quite sure that if they had something constructive to add, they would be interested to hear the response, and check the topic the next time they visit the board.

    It's just common forum etiquette not to post 3 times in a row - ever. Unless you mean to bump a topic, or where the time gap is around 24 hours. I don't think Scirra's Replies should bother this at all.

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  • Understood, I am new to many things, and forum etiquette is one of them. I appreciate the instruction, I suppose given how new and insignificant I am I just appreciate the red highlight appearing near my name.

    Regardless I understand now, and withdraw my initial alleged website issue.

    Thank you for your responses!

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