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  • Hi all.

    This has been noted several times in other posts, but I thought it deserved a mention in it's own topic.

    The Problem:

    When attempting to post or reply to a post


    This results in the page reloading with some stuff about permission - all in red text


    You just get a session expired error window popping up - after like 10 or 15 minutes, which surely is a short time for a session to expire.


    This is what I have to do when I want to post or reply to posts anywhere in the forums:

    1. Login - Required so I can Create a post or Reply to a post

    2. Write the stuff I want to post

    3. Copy what I have written

    3. Attempt to submit the post

    4. This will normally return one of the errors noted above

    5. Go to any Scirra page and Log Out

    6. Go to the Login page and login - AGAIN

    7. Find the topic I wanted to reply to, or start a new topic again

    8. Paste the info back in again

    9. Submit - AGAIN

    10. This will hopefully and, usually does post the info to the forum

    Why it matters:

    1. Well it is a little annoying after the first post

    2. After several posts it is a real annoyance

    3. It makes you think twice about creating and\or replying to posts - it just a pain to do so.

    So could you great guys at Scirra take a look at this please.


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  • Happens to me as well (just that I don't need to login, but instead only refresh the page). Need to post within 5 seconds or so after I opened/refreshed a topic or I get various errors, like experied session or no permission. Always have to copy and paste my text, reload the page, paste fast and then post ^^.

    Using Opera (not Opera Next).

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