Please Fix the Consecutive Visits Catch-22

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  • Tom,

    I'm really stuck here ... I've been maxed out on Fanatic for several days, but if I avoid the website to reset it, I'll also wipe out my Active/Notably/Hyper progress as well. This used to be a problem with the Updater chain as well, although that might be fixed.

    Would you guys be able to fix these badges and counters so they automatically roll over once you max out the final badge?

    I know making all the gamification function adds a lot to your workload, but I hope the results from rewarding desired behaviors makes it worth it. =)


  • Farewell until Sunday, forum! I was coming up on two weeks of visits/posts without credit, so it's time to reset. Can't wait to catch up on all the Your Creations posts!

  • Yes, similar problem here.

    My "consecutive days visited" total is now at 119 and counting. And I haven't received reps for any of the days over 100. I've even taken a couple of days off (to try and reset it), but no luck so far!

    RandomExile, let me know if you have any luck with your reset.

  • Blacksmith , fudge, nothing. My Fanatic counter's still maxed out. Tom, would you be able to fix this for us?

  • RandomExile,

    Thanks for the info, good to know its not just me ;) Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  • Just had a look through the code. Your days will continue to increment, but you will be awarded a new 'Fanatic' badge for every additional 100 days you visit in a row.

    EG, if you're on 119 days consecutive, you will have a fanatic badge. Once the counter reaches 200 days you will get another.

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  • I tried to log out for a day, but still popped in as guest to check messages, and looked at my profile and it said I was currently online.

    It's not just the Fanatic badge, it's also the other 2 lesser badges it would be ashamed to miss out on. (day 118)

    It's part of the fun of your site.

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