Please delete all my posts and ban me

    The moderator Kyatric has PM saying my posts are now spam. Ok fine Iam sick of this guy going into my threads and posts just to disagree with me. Iam sick of him PM me saying I spam the forum.So delete all my post and ban me. Don't give me any excuses just delete all my post and ban me.

    P.S. if you ban me without deleting all my posts, then it proves that your a liar Kyatric.

    This post just goes to prove how big of a troll you really are.

    I have already deleted the useless bump posts you did on X months old threads of yours just for the sake of bumping which goes against the forum rules.

    And as mentioned in my last PM, getting banned won't let you have access to your license for good, don't come crying after that you haven't been warned or that Scirra are scammers when you act like an insulting deserving child deserving of an actual ban.

    And if you can't handle being asked to stop posting useless posts and your first reaction is to post this kind of ridiculous topic, possibly we will give you what you are asking and be better for it.

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    Top tip: don't argue with the moderators on a forum. It takes hard work to keep a forum running smoothly with no flamewars. Nobody is going to put up with anybody being difficult.

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