PencilMan Is Going Home

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  • Hi, guys.

    I've just uploaded to Arcade my first work in Construct 2:

    PencilMan Is Going Home

    A game with randomly generated obstacles.

    The difficulty rises at every level.

    Multi-language (English and Brazilian Portuguese)

    Art by Joe Kaiser (

    Music by Eric Skiff (

    Hope you like!

    www [dot] scirra [dot] com/arcade/action/11618/pencilman-is-going-home

  • The art is really cool, I am really enjoying the background. The high-score board was very well done as well.

    BUT! The levels did get pretty boring after about 5 levels. The flat landscape just wasn't doing it for me.

    I tried (and failed) to make a similar game( I made the terrain random, and the positioning of the spikes and plants as well. The game uses the same controls as your game.

    Also the font for the in-game HUD could have been better, and the name of the game is excellent.

    Overall, good game. I rated 4 stars. I see a lot of promise, and hope that you don't quit(like I did).

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  • Love the art. The real fun starts at level 10! At about level 16 or so I made it to a section that was impassible (the spikes were overlapping so there was no where to land in between them and the distance was too great to jump.

    The top 10 board didn't seem to work for me, and there are some misspellings in the game.

    I rated 4 stars as well. It's fun and the pencil art is wonderful, overall the game just needs some polishing up.

  • Also, your collision boundaries need some work. I was slightly overlapping a spike, but I did not die.

  • Thank you very very much for your reviews...

    PencilMan was inspired in "Bobby is going home" that I played a lot in my childhood on my Atari 2600.

    yogert96 The first version was really difficult so I decided to make things more easier at the beginning. It's kinda boring I admit. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Ah. Your link it's not working.

    Burvey I fixed the Top10 and in appreciation I put your names there. Just click the Reset button and you will see.

    And probably will not have another updates. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I'm working in a bigger project with some friends. PecilMan was something like: "Ok. I bought the personal license. What can I do right now?".

    Again, thank you, guys, for the support. And I hope return here soon with some great news.

  • haha, nice :)

  • English:

    I like it. The art style and the coins's sound effect where very nice.

    But you need to work the Level Design, I died in the level 20 and the game wasn't that fun, it wasn't bad, but I didn't feel nothing at all.

    The difficulty evolved good, but I didn't felt motivated to play more =/


    Eu gostei do jogo, do estilo de arte e do efeito sonoro das moedas que era at� agradavel.

    Mas precisa melhorar o design dos estagios, fui at� o level 20 e at� l� o jogo n�o tinha nada de mais, n�o era ruim, s� n�o me senti desafiado.

    A dificuldade evoluiu bem mas faltou algo que me fizesse querer passar do meu ultimo nivel =/

  • Hm, I can't get past the language selection screen. After I've made my choice, I hear some music, but the selection screen freezed up.

    edit: I use chrome and a 64bit windows. With iexplorer the game work, but without background music, only sound effects.

    edit2: Got until level 20^^

  • I updated the game with a time limit to be more challenger.

    Thanks to OddConfection for your suggestion.

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